Friday, March 2, 2012

Go Lone Peak!

We enjoy playing with photo booth :)

 Congratulations to our basketball team for making it to the State Championships!! We had so much fun at the game today! Despite what it seems like in these pictures, we did actually watch the game, and cheered pretty loud. I love these girls! We share a lot of laughs. Can't wait for State tomorrow! 

You say snow day. I say hat day.

Hat: Nordstroms, Shirt/ Jacket: Forever 21, Shoes: Forever Young, Blet: Borrowed (Thanks Hanna) Necklace: Dance Competition vendor  
 After a stormy night of lots of snow I figured it would be perfect to wear a hat. Confession... my hair gets super curly if not kept under control. So, the hat was necessary. I paired it with a coral sweater and a nice cozy jacket. Topped it off with jeans, a belt to hold 'em up and some comfy boots. What do you wear when the weather is not in your favor?